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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.(Product/serviceevaluation)(Brief article).

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The Basics: Link's long-awaited GameCube swan song (a back-to-basics quest featuring the return of a more realistic art style) will also be a launch title for Nintendo's innovative Wii. Surprisingly, Princess offers a lot of Wii Remote functionality--swordplay, archery, throwing boomerangs, heaving crates, and fishing all make use of motion control.

How was it? That extra year of development time hasn't gone to waste--Princess' breathtaking visuals are easily the best we've seen on the Wii (despite being a GC port), and the game's designer promises more dungeons than even the gargantuan Ocarina of Time (N64). So really, I have no doubts that this game will deliver a monumental action-adventure experience.

Whether or not you'll want to tackle it with the Wii's wand remains up in the air, though--although movement and combat felt natural, the aiming required for stuff like shooting arrows or tossing your boomerang caused headaches. Perhaps it's the fault of a streamlined demo that tried to teach me too much too quickly, but the Wii controls simply seemed a bit too ambitious for this already complex title. As long as the final game introduces gameplay elements at a very gradual pace, this potential learning curve can be avoided.


* Fall 2006

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