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Champions kintore feel Cults power in grades defeat.

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Writing off Cults is always a dangerous activity as former Allan Park player Russell Balsillie was prepared to concede after his present side, defending champions Kintore, had to bow the knee at Castle Park on Saturday.

"Having played for Cults for 17 seasons and picked up 15 league championships with them I know better than to write them off," said the 46-year-old veteran who, nevertheless, gave a good impression of a man determined to help Kintore retain their title.

An impressive innings of 25 came to an abrupt halt when he took one liberty too many, dancing down the wicket to lose a valuable home wicket. Having lost out to Stonehaven Thistle on June 17 there was a wrongly held assumption Cults would become also-rans in the Grade One title race, particularly as Ellon Gordon were on a roll and Bon Accord, along with Kintore, were pushing for a tilt at the championship.

Long-time servant of the Allan Park side, Graeme Gillanders, was, however, quietly confident Cults could stay top of the heap.

He said: "The Stonehaven result could yet come home to haunt us, but as we have Bon Accord at the Links next Saturday we still have our destiny in our hands." Runs were hard to come by for most on a tricky Castle Park track as Kintore edged their way to 165 all out on a lively surface after being put in to bat by Cults. The reliable Colin Laird took the sting out of the early visiting attack with a sensible 34, giving the home side a glimmer of hope on a hot west Gordon day.

The innings of the day from Deep Patel rendered the Kintore effort meaningless - even though they claimed six wickets they were unable to contain Patel, whose 95 was his biggest total for the club.

Winning has become a habit which Cults have acquired over the years and on this form look to have every chance of merely having loaned the championship to Kintore.

The match between Bon Accord and Cults on Saturday will go a long way to resolving the issue.

Kintore, naturally, are looking for the best outcome for themselves which would be a win for Bon Accord.

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"Champions kintore feel Cults power in grades defeat." Europe Intelligence Wire 31 July 2006. General OneFile. Web. 15 Nov. 2010.
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