Thursday, April 5, 2012

Colors and textures

Children often struggle with their friendships because they do not fully understand them. Author Lorena Siminovich seems to have had this in mind while writing Alex and Lulu: Two of A Kind. Siminovich is an established author and illustrator as well as the owner of a modern art company Petit Collage.

Alex and Lulu a dog and a cat are best friends who share every part of their day. As the day progresses Alex and Lulu realize they do not agree on everything. For instance when it starts to rain Lulu wants to rush home but Alex "doesnt want to stay dry" and wants to take his time; at another point Alex thinks about playing soccer but then remembers Lulu doesnt like soccer because it "squashes" her flowers. Their day continues like this: Lulu is calm and observant while Alex is active and adventurous.

Siminovichs illustrations fill the pages with a wide variety of colors and textures. Bright reds and blues are mixed in with polka dots textured walls and rain puddles and chalk-like drawings of buildings and furniture. The text is integrated into the illustrations allowing the reader to delve further into the art. USA, LLC
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