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Add-on can brighten the bottom line.(Category: Lights).

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Lights are often overlooked as an add-on accessory sale. Sure, not everybody rides their bike at night, but for many cyclists lights play a vital role in their safety and enjoyment of the sport.

For others, bike lights open up new opportunities, like longer rides or even 24-hour races. By accurately qualifying the customer, you can help them buy the proper light setup to enhance their cycling experience.


Top 10 Tips for Selling Lights

* Make sure to ask your customer questions like: What kind of bike do you have? How and where do you ride it? Once you know these answers, you can explain how lights can be beneficial to their style of riding, and show the right light for their activity.

* Many cyclists will tell you, "I don't ride at night." That doesn't mean they don't need a light! Conditions such as rain, fog or even sun glare can make a light a life-saver.

* Classify lights as "to be seen" and "to see" to clarify the function of the light. This also helps the customer justify the price tag. A range of $7 to $700 can be overwhelming for most customers.

* Create an in-store lighting display to allow customers to compare the brightness and test the functions of different models. Customers can determine the true brightness of the light and which one suits their needs.

* Help the customer look at the whole picture when choosing a light. Sure, output is important, but make sure they also take burn time, charge time, mounting and other features into account.

* Make the customer aware of the technological advances in the lighting category. They may own a light, but new technology is brighter, lighter and longer-lasting than what they already own. LED is the new HID.

* Promote versatility. A light designed for cycling can also prove useful for backpacking, hiking and cross-country skiing. A light with multiple uses may justify a larger investment.

* Shop rides are a great way to promote light sales. Do a weekly night ride and allow customers to demo lights before they buy. This gets the product on their bikes and also gets them coming to your shop.

* Daylight savings is a great time to promote and sell lights. Cool summer evenings are a perfect time to ride. Work and family obligations make night time the best time for many folks to ride.

* Local events help promote light sales. Participation in 24-hour races, adventure races and endurance cycling events continues to grow. Get your shop involved so participants know where to get lights.

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