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Choose the best rest: to make sure your arrows arrive at the intendeddestination, give them a good sendoff.(Arrow Rests: GEAR SPECIAL 2009).

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THE BASIC FUNCTION of an arrow rest is simple--to hold an arrow in place while you draw your bow and release the string. But things get more complicated when you demand the rest to do more, such as holding the arrow in place during a difficult stalk or dropping out of the arrow's flight path the millisecond you release the string.

Producing rests that will do all of the above is a tall order, but today's manufacturers have stepped up to the plate by making products that do all of this and more--and with unprecedented levels of quality and design.

The good news? Hunters are the winners. As proof, here are the new rests for 2009.


Arizona Archery Enterprises has beefed up its popular Avalanche fall-away in the new Avalanche Extreme. This model showcases Arizona's Flat Delay Spring system, which makes the rest a snap to install and tune. Like its predecessor, the Extreme features micro vertical and horizontal adjustments, and each rest comes with Arizona's standard arrow holder. It's available in mounts for BowTech, Hoyt, and Mathews.


The new Auto Drop is a target-worthy rest perfect for hunting. The Auto Drop features horizontal and vertical adjustments that lock tight to eliminate arrow creep. No strings are required for this automatic drop-away rest, which resets itself instantly after the shot. Bodoodle fans who shoot ultra-fast bows should check out the Pro-Lite SD, an extremely lightweight drop-away designed for arrows traveling over 300 fps.


BowTech's Octane line of bow accessories features the TripWire, a rest armed with a titanium launcher that assures a quiet, easy draw and that stays in the up position even as you draw and let down. With precision timing, the launcher drops out of the way to ensure complete shaft and fletching clearance. In addition, with no rigid coupling to the power cable, the TripWire will not affect the draw cycle or letoff of the bow. Quick setup, easy tuning, and flawless function make the TripWire worthy of its military namesake.


The DiamondBack Drop-Away features adjustable vane clearance and adjustable prong height. The sturdy rest also has a built-in arrow holder and laser-etched windage scales. The Cobra QuickConnect bracket attaches the draw cord of the DiamondBack to the bow.


The unique Air-Rest EXT relies on a set of magnets built into the rest frame to suspend the arrow at full draw, which means the shaft touches nothing from the moment of suspension through the release. The secret? Each arrow must contain a magnetized insert that repels the magnets i within the rest, snapping the arrow into i a suspended position from the bottom of this complete capture rest. Magnetized inserts, weighing 30 grains apiece, are included with each Air-Rest EXT. i


The AccuLaunch Fall-Away remains i_ one of the most popular rests on the market. Known for easy installation and precision tuning, the AccuLaunch features I adjustable launcher arms to accommodate arrows of all diameters. The simple, rugged construction makes this rest a popular one for bowhunters seeking a nononsense, yet high-performance rest.


Known for innovative problem solving, the folks at G5 adapted their popular Expert II rest to fit Hoyt's unique Tec riser. The Expert II for Hoyt sports all the tested features of the original: polymer over-molded launcher spool, adjustable spring tension, dual-cord lock attachment, and a low profile. The lightweight rest also includes precision micro windage and elevation adjustments, as well as simple setup and tuning.


The DownForce maximizes arrow guidance with a triggering cable attached to the lower half of the bowstring, which means the cradle stays with the arrow longer. This unique rest also has supreme drop-away capability, thanks to a power-retract mechanism that falls away up to five times faster than previous models, resulting in total fletching clearance. Mathews' Harmonic Damper absorbs vibration and noise.


The novel Tri-Van couples total arrow containment with the friction-free flight of a drop-away. Sound impossible? Read on. Three bristle-tipped prongs surround and securely support the arrow at rest. At the release, the prongs silently disappear, resulting in perfect arrow flight and a 12 fps increase in arrow speed over other bristle-style captures. Other benefits are zero vane damage and increased kinetic energy.


The new X-Celerator resembles a drop-away, but it is actually a "driven-away" rest that uses a rigid cable attachment to bring the rest up at full draw, and then to drive it down with the release of the string. The X-Celerator is easy to install, and you can set the speed of the rest-drop and travel to match your bow. With no springs or coils, the X-Celerator is a no-fail rest that eliminates all fletching contact. Single centershot and elevation adjustments make for simple tuning.


Never one to lag, NAP joins the move toward full-containment drop-aways with the QuikTune Freedom. Among notable features are an automatic sizing feature that adjusts the rest to arrows of any diameter, and the elimination of string/cable tie-ins. The Freedom features micro-adjust centershot, five-minute installation, and total silence.


PSE shooters are well aware of the company's accessory line and its Phantom Drop-Away rest. The Phantom features a full-capture platform that resembles an open-ended hoop that falls away from the arrow upon release. Oversized adjustment screws make this rest easy to install and adjust.


QAD's beefy rest lineup gets even better with the improved Ultra-Rest LD Pro Series. This drop-away totally contains the arrow--even during a slow letdown--until release. The LD Pro sports a new convenient thumb lever that enables loading and total arrow capture with one motion. A simple, strong new cable clamp makes timing adjustment a snap. Rubber dampeners, a cam brake, and laser-cut felt minimize noise. The LD Pro's generous mounting block fits bows with wide risers.


The popular Ripcord has gained favor with bowhunters because it's easy to install and extremely rugged. An internal dampener yields noiseless performance, and the heavy-duty launcher arm allows shooting from the up or down position. The rest also boasts simple adjustment and an offset cord that does not interfere with the arrow.


Schaffer has updated its arrow rest line to include a PSE-specific model, the X-1 GEN-II, and two new camo patterns--Mathews' Lost Camo and Realtree. A riser lock eliminates set screws that can wiggle loose as you travel and hunt. Spring-tension adjustment ensures maximum vane clearance, even from the fastest bows. And the Fluoroelastomer Launch Pad banishes metal-to-metal contact and noise. Micro-lock adjustments make tuning quick, easy, and permanent.


Like all Sims products, the LimbSaver Fall-Away rest incorporates NAVCOM noise-eliminating technology, in this case in the arrow holder as well as a special drop pad that slows the launcher arm after the shot. The result is a very quiet arrow rest. In addition, the LimbSaver Fall-Away features rugged, weatherproof construction for high performance under all conditions, and Sims' sealed twin ball bearing system for superior speed and smoothness.


The Whammy, a hybrid fall-away/ prong-style rest, promises the guidance and support of a prong with the fletching clearance of a drop-away. Since the spring-loaded launchers are "loaded" at all times, the rest is never rigid. The speedy launchers drop away instantly to ensure total vane clearance and never require cocking or locking. The trigger cord attaches to the upward string/cable, so the cord is under tension at rest, and slackens at full draw, which eliminates any influence on cam timing or holding weight of the bow.


Gaining both accuracy and forgiveness is the biggest challenge for a rest, but the BearTrap pulls it off, thanks to its flat delay spring and heavy-duty launcher. Full vertical and horizontal adjustments; a cable slide with a locking activation cord adjuster; a new, slimmer blade; universal or Hoyt mounting blocks; and a built-in arrow holder are other highlights of the BearTrap.


On the Drop Slide, a vertical launcher arm quietly raises the arrow to perfect centershot position and then drops at a 90-degree angle away from the arrow, producing a full 1" of clearance. Even better, it's tough. One Drop Slide was left out in Midwest weather for a full year and suffered no performance compromise, thanks largely to a stainless steel ball bearing slide. Equipped with a locking set screw to position the launch arm, the Drop Slide also incorporates rubber dampeners to eliminate metal-to-metal contact.


The XtremeFC Top Slot takes this company's game to a new level. This quick-loading model features arrow capture for up to 320 degrees of bow rotation. An angled loading slot version is also available. The XtremeFC employs Trophy Taker's successful one-piece stainless steel launcher that contains a noise and vibration dampener. Windage and elevation marks make fine-tuning a snap.


The Limb Driver simplifies rest setup and bow tuning. With this rest, the activation cord does not attach to a cable but to the upper limb, a design that eliminates tuning problems. The launcher blade is free-floating at full draw, which absorbs arrow shock and results in true arrow flight and improved accuracy. It's available in split-limb and solid-limb models. For 2009, the Limb Driver comes in silver, black, camo, and several new colors.

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